Why Sell To German dagger Dealers.com ?

Firstly we pay your price!

If we cannot pay a better price than you can achieve 

elsewhere we will not get your business. 

Why are we buying Nazi items ?

We have a large retail


in a busy location

together with an impressive

online presence 14 Websites !

Our store is in it’s self an unofficial

museum enjoyed by thousands of visitors .

All historical artifacts acquired by

German Dagger Dealers.com are for the consumption 

 of  a vetted circle of mature collectors,

ethical investment groups ,museums and  historians.

 artifacts are sold exclusively to

a carefully vetted buyers

many of whom we have

dealt with for the last ten years .

German dagger dealers.com entirely

 distance themselves from those who would supply 

Third Reich Symbols to

fuel Neo Nazi  ideological.


ss helmet valuation

How To Sell Militaria For The Correct Price?.

 militaria shop

Traditionally collectors who were dissolving a collection or selling off a surplus item would visit their local militaria show.

 militaria shop

Militaria Dealers with specialist knowledge in various areas would be given the opportunity to make offers resulting in the opportunity for the collector to sell.

Today the collector has access prices via the internet so questions regarding the sale of militaria must be asked and answers found.

Dealer of collector

Who is best approached when selling a militaria collection.

first pattern luft price

Dealer of collector? Surprisingly selling to a dealer is the best option when wishing sell a diverse collection in one go.

 Militaria collectors

Dealers have the capital at hand to purchase everything in one go in most cases.

Imperial motor dagger valuation

Militaria collectors might pay a little more for individual items but they will not buy anything which represents a duplication.

nskk gorget valuation offer price wanted

In buying a duplication that a collector will later wish to move on he becomes by definition a dealer.ss helmet valuation

ss helmet valuation





 If you decide to sell your

second pattern E-Boat Badge Valuation collection to dealer he will have customers in mind for all areas of your collection .