Bertram Rein Solingen

Bertram Rein Solingen

Bertram Reih ss dagger price

Bertram Rein  ss dagger price

ss dagger dealers USA

£43,000/$65,000 PAID FOR



  The hobby of collecting Bertram Rein Solingen  Daggers has proved to a good investment with prices increasing for the most part on a yearly bases.


Meine -ehre- Heist- true

Meine -ehre- Heist- true 1933 SS


 Recent glitches in both the U.S. and global economy combined with other factors have seen a stalling of increase in all but the SS Daggers.

1933 pattern SS

Frequently encountered makers of SS daggers include Robert Klass ,Carl Eickhorn  are moving ahead against daggers worn by other services of the Third Reich. 

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  Bertram Rein Solingen