German Sword Buyers

The interest in German swords has always been eclipsed by that of Daggers within the militaria collecting arena .

For the true enthusiast this is good news given that the prices are significantly lower for sword rather than those of daggers with perhaps a few minor exceptions which I will touch upon later.

For anyone one has developed an interest in German swords from the period of 1900-1945 May I firstly recommend the volume “Swords of Germany” by John R Agolia . 

Primary manufacture of German swords has for centuries been conducted in Solingen. 

Famous makers include W.K.C. who still produce high quality weapons and who’s website is worth finding.

Carl Eickhorn ,Paul Weyersburg, and E&F Horster are memorable names found on quality blades.


By contacting us via email you can be certain that you are dealing with respectful people who believe the following .Articles which were plucked from the battlefields then bought home by returning service personnel should be preserved. Nazi symbols should not be seen outside of a balanced educational display .. Some understanding of how the unimaginable happened in a supposedly civilised country just a generation ago can be derived from a study of militaria .

The complex insignia, uniforms and decorations which seduced a desperate people to enlist only to wage a war of brutality then exact genocide on those of a different belief .What is the correct thing to do ? Destroy the evidence? Or preserve it as a warning to future generations ? What ever your thoughts are we must present ourselves as non political history buffs who are willing to pay the correct market price for your War souvenirs.. We make every effort to distance ourselves from the white supremacists and other Neo Nazi organisations who pedal sensitive and often fake merchandise to corrupt young minds openly online . This is a serious history site only we will not sell to you unless you are a registered museum or educational facility.

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