First Pattern RLB Dagger

First Pattern RLB Dagger

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First Pattern R.L.B. Dagger

First Pattern R.L.B. Dagger

                                  The Reichsluftschutzbund

or RLB was the official air raid protection group for the state. Established in 1935 by Air Minister, Hermann Göring RLB trained the German population for civil defense.  Inaugurated in 1936, enlisted members of this organization were issued a dagger.

Zimmerman cross in gold

The dagger had nickel  mounts with black ebony grip and black painted scabbard. The short hanger was permanently attached to the scabbard. The 1st Model example had an applied grip insignia which features the organization’s initials, RLB, in a blue enamel superimposed over a silvered sunburst.




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The 2nd Model was issued in 1938. It was essentially the same dagger, however, the grip insignia featured a large black-enameled swastika, superimposed over a sunburst. The blades were a plain polished finish variety. The Officers of the RLB initially carried daggers with one scabbard suspension ring with early RLB lettered insignia on the grip. The dagger has silvered nickel mounts with leather covered grip and matching scabbard shell. A 2nd Officer Pattern was introduced in 1938. It was nearly identical to the previous type, except the new insignia of the RLB, a large black enameled swastika grip emblem, was substituted for the earlier RLB grip emblem. Additionally a center ramp was added to the scabbard to accommodate a more substantial two strap hanging method. Many existing 1st Model daggers were converted to 2nd Models during the period.