Free Valuation Of Militaria

Free Valuation Of Militaria

Buying Military Memorabilia War Memorabilia

We buy from all over the World .

At German Dagger we buy historic memorabilia from every time period. We’re always buying all types of weapons, trench art, military photo albums, uniforms, helmets, military letters, military scrapbooks etc, etc . We are enthusiastic militaria buyers with an interest in all conflicts. If you wish to sell something today please feel free to give us a call. Otherwise, +447860747027 Email

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We are always buying!

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We are buyers of all military collectibles & memorabilia.

When you have military memorabilia to sell consider the following . By our policy of paying you fair prices you will be satisfied and return to sell to us. We want all our customers to recommend us to their friends and family.

 We will reward you as agents if we profit from your introductions and recommendations .

We are avid buyers in the international marketplace. We happily pay above current market price for items which come with supported family history (Provenance) . When our offers are accepted and we reach agreement we are responsible for the shipping, safety , and any international duty due . You have become a successful seller who we hope to hear from again should other items surface

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