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Welcome to the original militaria acquisition site.

As pioneers of internet militaria buying we are proud of our unblemished reputation .

museums acquiring militaria

German militaria make the correct offer for groupings of souvenirs bought home by servicemen in 1945 .

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Groupings which are accompanied by documents and photographs of the GI or Tommy who picked them up will be of greater historic value.

Museums Acquiring Militaria

German Dagger Dealers .com  buys authentic WWII German militaria on behalf of ethical investment groups, Museums and advanced collectors all in the interest of historic preservation.

Museums Acquiring Militaria

German Dagger Dealers .com   does not support or endorse any of the actions committed by Nazi Germany during WWII.

 Museums Acquiring Militaria

This site is not affiliated with any political entity.

 German Dagger Dealers .com sells guaranteed authentic militaria.

Museums Acquiring Militaria

Our customers pay a little more safe in the knowledge that what they receive is  100% original of  pre May 1945 manufacture. 

Museums Acquiring Militaria

The historical relics acquired by German Dagger Dealers .com are treated as Museum exhibits our politics are liberal we have no extremist political views.

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