German Dagger Dealers is the title of one of the very first German Dagger Buying websites ..

Why buying websites you may ask ?.

The answer is simple we simple believe that weapons should only be sold to responsible people .. Offering items for sale online is unnecessary .We charge significantly more for daggers than just about anybody else !. We cannot get enough genuine items to satisfy the Museums ,

Ethical investors and advanced collectors .. When we sell an exhibit in the form of a German Dagger we generally supply any Known history so as to provide context for the next owner .

In a museum situation a description for a piece such as “German Dagger ” Is less exciting than say a “German Dagger Liberated by Sjt Ronald Best of the seventh armoured cops near Buchenwald May 1945” . If you have any item of militaria which was bought home by a member of your family please bear in mind that the “provenance”

(Known history) can double the value of an item .

German Dagger Dealers .com have supplied countless collections with artefacts that tell a story ..

We are perhaps the most expensive sellers therefore we can and do pay more than any website only operation . Visitors to our Castle side store frequently comment on it being more like a museum .

By providing a physical collections we believe we can provide the very best deal ..

If you have something we want then we will invariably pay your researched price or in some cases pay double what you have been led to expect.

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