Nazi  Dress Daggers

Nazi Dress Daggers

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German dagger entirely

 distance themselves from those who would supply 

Third Reich Symbols to

fuel Neo Nazi  ideological.


The Nazi dress dagger was the prized iconic souvenir for veterans who served in the Europe during the second world war.

Ethical & Legal Swords

the most expensive nazi dagger in the world

For the German officers who wore them, they were a symbol of status, rank and power.

ww2 German Army dagger

ww2 German Army dagger

Nazi Dress Daggers were not designed with combat in mind .  Nazi Dress Daggers served as an accessory to the uniforms of the German Officers .

The more common  Nazi Dress Daggers are primarily the; German Army Dagger ( Heer Dagger), The two models of the Luftwaffe Dagger ( Air Force Dagger), Navy Dagger (Kriegsmarine Dagger), and the Hitler Youth Dagger (HJ Dagger).ww2-german-dagger-128-150x150




Scarcer and more avidly collected with a price tag to match is the SS Dagger.

N.P.E.A. Leaders Daggers For Sale

Rare N.P.E.A. Leaders Daggers Wanted

These daggers are characterized by the black Ebony handle and black lacquered  sheath, with a round “SS” enamel roundel inset into the top of the handle,. SS Daggers require careful assessment in view of the history of reproduction and faking which has occurred since the end of WW2. Genuine period factory parts are frequently seen cobbled together with reproduction elements to produce spurious war trophies!