Importance of German History Education.

Importance of German History Education.

By contacting us via email you can be certain that you are dealing with respectful people who believe the following .

Articles which were plucked from the battlefields then bought home by returning service personnel should be preserved.

Nazi symbols should not be seen outside of a balanced educational display .. Some understanding of how the unimaginable happened in a supposedly civilised country just a generation ago can be derived from a study of militaria .

The complex insignia, uniforms and decorations which seduced a desperate people to enlist only to wage a war of brutality then exact genocide on those of a different belief .What is the correct thing to do ? Destroy the evidence? Or preserve it as a warning to future generations ?

What ever your thoughts are we must present ourselves as non political history buffs who are willing to pay the correct market price for your War souvenirs.

We make every effort to distance ourselves from the white supremacists and other Neo Nazi organisations who pedal sensitive and often fake merchandise to corrupt young minds openly online . This is a serious history site only we will not sell to you unless you are a registered museum or educational facility.

Why Sell To German dagger ?

Firstly we pay your price!

If we cannot pay a better price than you can achieve 

elsewhere we will not get your business. 

Why are we buying Nazi items ?

We have a large retail


in a busy location

together with an impressive

online presence 14 Websites !

Our store is in it’s self an unofficial

museum enjoyed by thousands of visitors .

All historical artifacts acquired by

German Dagger are for the consumption 

 of  a vetted circle of mature collectors,

ethical investment groups ,museums and  historians.

 artifacts are sold exclusively to

a carefully vetted buyers

many of whom we have

dealt with for the last ten years .

German dagger entirely

 distance themselves from those who would supply 

Third Reich Symbols to

fuel Neo Nazi  ideological.


m40 helmetCh.A.WAs Eye Whiteness’s from the Third Reich Period Fade Away Germany Is Finding Itself Able To Tackle The Issue Of Facing It’s Dark History .


 History Must Be Recorded Accurately, Artifacts From The Period Such As Those Purchased By Us At German Dagger Dealers Are Museum Worthy Exhibits .

Germany's History

National socialism  museum set to open on site of Hitler’s former party headquarters in Munich

museum of nazi

A centre documenting the history of Germany’s National Socialism movement is  to open on the site of the former Nazi headquarters.

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The information centre and museum will open in Munich, the city that Adolf Hitler once dubbed the ‘capital of the Nazi movement’.


grip eagle missing from dagger

  The idea of educating people about Munich’s critical role in the fascist leader’s climb to power was first suggested back in 1945, soon after Nazi Germany’s defeat.


The Munich Documentation Centre for the History of National Socialism will stand out from the traditional constructions around it that Hitler favoured

However the concept has always been marred in controversy , with disagreements over concepts for exhibits, financing, and even what to call it.

mid west militaria

After finally being given the go-ahead back in 2001 by the Bavarian government, the white cube-like building is under construction at the site of the Brown House, the infamous Nazi headquarters.