Who exactly do we sell our German Daggers to ?

Who exactly do we sell our German Daggers to ?

Firstly we would never sell edged weapons to juveniles .

Most of our customers are mature investors who pay a little more safe in the knowledge that they will not be

duped in a market saturated with fake and reworked Nazi Militaria .


In an increasingly politically sensitive world

German Dagger Dealers must stress that we take a responsible attitude towards just who we supply with Nazi

memorabilia ..


Those who are familiar with my writing on social media will know that my personal politics are more left than right .  Whilst I feel that political correctness might be becoming a little obsessive I hate the use of Third Reich symbolism outside of a film set ,a Battle re-enactment or museum. Even in a museum setting flags should be kept to the minimum required to tell the story and where possible at least a 50% /50% balance should be achieved in displays .  People of Jewish heritage stand to be offended if they stumble upon Nazi iconography when innocently searching online for something completely different . A code of practice for online traders is likely to come into force sooner or later