Selling WW2 Family Relics

Selling WW2 Family Relics

  German Sword Buyer


 In a price conscious market germandaggerdealers .com have reassuring words for the children and grandchildren of WW2 veterans .

second pattern E-Boat Badge Valuation

For artefacts recovered from the

battlefields of Europe by your Dad or Grandfather I will pay

50% extra in many cases .

Militaria collectors

 Why? Because have been commissioned by European Museums to acquire militaria taken home by allied servicemen to the U.S.A.

German Sword BuyerThe SA roundel

              The condition of this generous offer is that a grouping of items must be acquired to the values of $500 minimum and be offered with access to period photographs and a covering letter from yourself.. Knowing that Dad’s stuff might form part of a museum in Europe is good .

(c) Mrs Helen Power; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

  (c) Mrs Helen Power; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

In circumstances such as this the story  of each G.I.’S war will be recorded . So if you have a box of badges or some daggers or a steel helmet you may wish to consider selling ? If you have period photographs of your relative and any paperwork which you are comfortable selling this should add up to twice the average price for your artefacts .IDENTIFICATION OF NAZI MILITARIA