Time To Sell WW2 Militaria

Time To Sell WW2 Militaria

Is this a good time to sell WW2 military items?. This debate involves a number of factors .

firstly does the up and coming generation have a passionate interest in 20Th century history? How relevant will souvenirs be? .

Nazi memorabilia is becoming frowned upon by a generation who were not directly affected by the events of 80 years ago .. It is becoming less socially acceptable for dealers to display items bearing the swastika .. Today we offer families who have inherited collections an opportunity to sell Third Reich paraphernalia safe in the knowledge that it will not be offered for sale on -line .

Our customers now are made up entirely of Ethical investors, Museums and mature collectors .. We have arrived at the conclusion that our offered/free valuations and impressive. Why ? because we acquire virtually everything we are offered, and have done over the last Ten plus years of being on-line.

At German dagger dealers we buy all manner of WW2 Militaria from around the World . Caps ,Badges , Flags, Helmets, Bayonets , Daggers and medals we are happy to buy in any quantity .

Now might be the time to dust off your Heirlooms and take some pictures of what you have . send your messages to davidmatteybuyer@gmail.com . You will receive a prompt reply and a generous offer . If you decide to sell we will transfer full payment to your “Paypal” account in advance of your releasing your Heirlooms .